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The Top 10 Tips Every New Poshmark Seller Needs to Know

Use these tips to create your own package pile!

Poshmark is an app founded in 2011 that focuses on connecting sellers and buyers of used clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods, pet gear! It’s the easiest platform for beginner and causal sellers, and it’s a great way to try reselling your own stuff! Here are the top 10 tips you need to know before selling on Poshmark. By the end of this article you should be ready to hop on the app!

  1. You can start for free! You don’t need to spend money on clothes, insertion fees, or on shipping (see #3) to sell on Poshmark. All you need is a few unworn pieces from your closet and a smartphone to start turning your unused stuff into a direct deposit! Poshmark only takes a fee when your item sells.
  2. You can sell (almost) anything! You can buy and sell a lot of things on Poshmark, but they do have a few no-no’s. Before you sell, check out their website page on the items you can and cannot sell on Poshmark. Some stuff you can’t sell might surprise you, like nail polish or used second hand makeup. Poshmark shipping also only covers items under 5lbs and within a maximum 108″ combined length and girth for the box used . Check out their shipping page to learn more!
  3. Poshmark has the easiest shipping! Poshmark has one shipping option- USPS priority mail. This post service is super fast and a great deal for lots of items. You can use ANY red priority mail or flat-rate USPS box that can be ordered FREE from USPS! You can not use the blue boxes marked priority express. This is great for new sellers or causal sellers because you don’t need to spend a lot of money on shipping supplies. Just get your free box, print out your shipping label, slap it on with some tape and you’re good to go!
  4. Sharing is caring! You can think about Poshmark a bit like a social media app. Each post is an item for sale. Items can be “liked” in order to save them for later, buyers and sellers can use the comment section under each post to communicate, and items can be “shared”. What is sharing? When an item is shared on Poshmark it is bumped to the top of Poshmark’s search results. For example, a vintage dress that was shared will be top in the search results for someone who looks for “vintage dress” in the search bar. The more you share the more likely your item will sell!
  5. Get ready to PARTY! Poshmark is all about creating an experience for it’s users. Several times a day a “party” will occur in a special showroom on the app. These showrooms are themed, and the themes change every party. Some party theme examples include Luxury, Boho, Preppy, and Date Night! Parties are a great way to connect with new Poshers and highlight your items!
  6. Poshmark is a community! Poshmark is all about creating a resale community. Sharing a fellow Posher’s items after they share yours is a great way to start meeting some BPFFs (Best Posh Friends Forever). You can also follow other sellers or leave a positive comment on a post you love. Check out Poshmark’s virtual Posh n’ Coffee events to meet more of the community!
  7. You can earn FREE clothes! The Poshmark Ambassador Program is a cool way for Poshmark to recognize trusted sellers, but it also has some perks that go with the status! You can unlock the ability to “affiliate advertise” for Poshmark, A.K.A make small social media posts advertising Poshmark to earn site credit you can spend on anything! You can check out the link on how to become an ambassador here!
  8. Pictures are worth 1,000 words! When making your first post, remember that your photos are the first thing a potential buyer will see. Make your photos as cute as possible with simple backgrounds will make the item you’re selling pop.
  9. Be Transparent! when you are selling a used item make sure you are being completely honest and all flaws are disclosed. This means things like loose threads, snags on sweaters, holes, stains, or pilling. If the item is not as pictured and described in your listing, your buyer can return the item.
  10. Make a deal! Poshmark sellers can send discounts to their likers. Once you have some love for your item, sending a 20% and shipping discount is a great way to make the sale! Poshmark buyers can also make an offer on your item. Feel free to make a counteroffer and find a price that works for you and the buyer!

Are you ready to Posh? Check out our closet at for closet inspiration and follow our Instagram at @visiblysold for more resale tips! Happy Poshing!

Rosie, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

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