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Why are Vintage Clothes are Having A Moment?

Vintage clothes are a great investment, whether you are getting them for your own closet or to re-sell. With platforms like Depop growing, vintage style is having a huge comeback moment. Not just one vintage style, but ALL of them!

  • Vintage clothes will not and can not be re-made. If they were, they would no longer be vintage! Vintage pieces are rare and every year there are less vintage garments as some are lost to stains, tears, and are dropped into landfill.
  • Quality of work– Vintage clothes are often made to a higher quality standard than today’s fast fashion garments. Many items have hand stitched details and high quality fabrics meant to last.
  • Vintage garments are unique. When you find a vintage item, odds are you won’t find the same garment ever again. When you wear a vintage piece, you are wearing something absolutely unique to you and your personal style.
  • Fashion always comes back in style! High waisted mom jeans, fanny packs, bell bottoms, and sweater vests have all had a chance in the trend spotlight. What goes out is coming back!

So next time you’re at the thrift store, give those

vintage garments and extra look!

Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

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