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How to Rehab your Worn Out Clothes

It has happened to everyone- we had to retire our favorite cardigan, jeans, or skirt because of a stai or wear and tear. Fear not! Many people don’t know is that there are ways to make your favorite pieces last longer.

If only the owner of this Patagonia fleece would have followed the care instructions! They could have avoided all this pilling and wear.

Since the rise of fast fashion, something that people have forgotten is how to mend, repair, and rehabilitate worn out clothing. Here are some quick and easy tips for extending the life of your clothes!

  • Do you know what shouldn’t go in the drier? Heavy knits, delicate vintage pieces, and underwire bras with padded cups should never go in the drier! In the summer, find a sunny spot where they can hang to dry. Don’t know what you should leave out of the drier? Check the label! It often says. This alone can extend the life of your favorite pieces.
  • Some things shouldn’t go in the washing machine either… Delicate vintage and that annoying stuff marked dry clean only really shouldn’t be thrown in the washing machine. You can either bring them to the dry cleaners ($$$) or you can fill up your bathtub and wash them carefully with a gentle soap. (Castile soap works great!)
3This is one of my favorite soaps to use!
  • Embrace the power of baking soda! Baking soda does double duty, not only does it clean and brighten, it also has a slightly coarse texture which is great for helping rub out tough stains. The sooner you tackle a stain, the better! Move quickly if you can, but a bit of elbow grease and baking soda has helped me get pit stains and blemishes out of clothes that have sat for years.
  • Get an embroidery hook. These babies are worth their weight in gold (but to be fair they are very light!). Snagged threads on cozy sweaters can often be looped into the inside of the sweater. Not perfect, but it gets rid of any outer cosmetic damage! You can find a basic one here.
  • Do you have a sweater shaver? Sweaters are famous for pilling, but there is a solution! Wash your garments carefully, and if they are still pilling, check out a sweater shaver. The one we have linked here is great because it’s super portable and doesn’t require a plug in or batteries. Some people prefer an electric shaver, like this one. Conair makes the most popular model.
  • Store it like you love it! Take care when storing your garments and accessories. Some items need to be hung to stay their best, others (like chunky knit sweaters) can loose their shape if hung the wrong way. Avoid crushing leather shoes and bags. They make special fillers for some items to keep their shape, but I just use newspaper stuffing to keep the shape of my favorite leather purses and boots.

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♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre
Not all projects have to be this complicated!
  • Learn the power of a needle and thread! You don’t have to be a seamstress to be able to mend small flaws! Youtube has lots of great videos on basic stitching. A small tear in the hem of your favorite t-shirt shouldn’t hold you back! All you need is a basic sewing kit and the power of the internet.

That’s all for now! It doesn’t need to be hard to rehab your favorite clothes, all it takes is a little learning! Go use your new textile knowledge on your favorite garment!

Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

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