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The Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making on Mercari

Do your items sit online with no attention at all? Or perhaps you are getting views and likes on your posts, but you never get sales? Read on friend- there is hope! Mercari newbies and seasoned sellers alike can fall into these common seller traps! Interested in different reselling platforms? I published an article similar to this about Poshmark that you can see here! Maximize your closet and get your listings to work for you!

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This stack includes sales from multiple seller platforms!

Though reselling is the same basic concept on all platforms (find item, list item, sell item, ship item), each platform has its own pros and cons. Tips on Mercari will be similar to tips on other platforms, but due to unique Mercari features, doing things differently will get you better results!

  1. Photos. Are. Everything! When you shop on Mercari, the only thing your buyer see is a picture and a price! If those grab the buyer’s attention, they can click on the post and view your title, description, and other attributes. If your cover photo doesn’t make a buyer want to see more, then there is little likelihood that they are going to make a purchase.
  2. No One Reads the Descriptions- This might not always be true, but buyers are notorious for not reading descriptions! Make sure you have pictures from all angles, and don’t hide any flaws. Hiding flaws isn’t just unethical, but it can cause unhappy buyers when they get the item in person! Mercari is notorious for siding with buyers, so make sure your are completely transparent.
  3. You Don’t Use the Description- Wait, this is hypocrisy! Didn’t you just say no one reads the descriptions? Yes, but it’s important that you use the description to describe the object. This covers your back for any return cases you might get, and it makes your post more searchable for buyers. Interested learning more about using keywords? Follow my blog for future posts about keywords and how you can get them to work for you!
  4. You Aren’t Putting the Correct Weight- Weighing items can save you (and your buyers) TONS of money! When you overestimate your shipping weight (say, thinking it weighs 3 pounds when it actually weighs 2) can cause you or your buyer to pay for more shipping than necessary. That’s waisted money! If you underestimate your shipping costs (say you think it weighs 2 pounds and it actually weighs 3), Mercari and the Postal Services will charge you per ounce underestimated. This can often be exorbitantly expensive, and the best plan is to avoid it by choosing the right weight! A $20 scale will pay for itself.
  5. Measurements- I always recommend sellers take measurements on all adult clothes. Why? First, it gives a good impression to buyers. It looks professional and some buyers use the measurements to estimate fit. Second, it covers your back as a seller. Mercari does not allow returns for fit, but your customers can open a case over anything for any item. If you get a return request for fit, you can generally win these cases by pointing out you provided approximate measurements in your description. Unless you are measuring in centimeters, I always say approximate so I can round a bit (to the nearest 1/4″).
  6. Your Price is Crazy- It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears- your price can’t be too high or too low, it needs to be just right. Before you set your item price, look up similar items and see how other sellers priced them. Want to see what sold? Use Mercari’s filter feature to view only sold items in that brand, and see how much they have sold for in the past. Set your Goldilocks price that can be bargained down at least 20% for an offer to likers sale. Buyers like deals!
  7. You Don’t Review your Buyers- After every transaction where a buyer rates you, the seller also has an opportunity to rate the buyer. This is your final chance to say thank you! Making a good impression here is a great way to help drive return customers!
  8. You Haven’t Completed your Profile! People like to know who they are buying from. Adding a photo of yourself helps build trust with the customer, as well as going through Mercari’s third party verification options. This puts badges on your profile that let buyers know you are a real person! This includes linking you Facebook account and verifying your identity.
  9. You Aren’t Re-Posting your Items– Mercari’s algorithm features newer items at the top of the feed, and older items are pushed lower in the search results. The older your item is, the less likely it is to be seen by buyers. Using a cross-listing service like List Perfectly can help take a lot of the effort out of re-listing items. You can click here to learn how cross-listing services can up your sales game! You can use code VISIBLYSOLD for 30% your first month of List Perfectly!
  10. You are Working in Spurts- All resale platforms reward consistency! Doing a little bit of work every day will over time return more than doing it all in one day. This doesn’t mean you need to source, photograph, and list every day! Taking photos and sourcing in batches can help make listing everyday more reasonable (Especially for part-time sellers!).

There are some of my top mistakes that I see other Mercari sellers making! Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s reseller tips!

Author: Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Thrift addict, cat lover, and sustainability advocate. Get more reseller, thrift, and sustainability content on or on Instagram!

Published August 2021

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