Visibly Sold Kicks Off New Recycling Program!

Every package we re-use is one less thrown in the landfill!

(April 22, 2021) Downtown Eugene secondhand store Visibly Sold is announcing their new shipping material re-use and recycling program. Visibly Sold will be taking community member’s used poly mailer envelopes and packing materials like bubble wrap or paper padding. Envelopes and padding must be intact and in good, cleanly condition.

Drop off hours will be Tuesday-Saturday, from 11am-6pm.  Everyone who comes in to donate recycled packaging from the 20-24th will receive a 20% off coupon as a thank you! The program will keep going after our kickoff, we invite people to come and drop off their used packing material any time during store hours! Please take the name sticker off your packaging, and leave packages in-tact with no holes.

We use the recycled packaging to ship our Poshmark, Ebay, Etsy, Depop, and Mercari sales! This year to date we have saved over 100 packages!

Visibly Sold’s mission is to create positive environmental change through education and lifestyle adjustment. We are so excited to give the residents of Eugene and Springfield an option to stop throwing away all those Amazon envelopes!

If you have any questions about the new program, feel free to reach out and find us on Instagram, Facebook, or email us at

Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

How to Rehab your Worn Out Clothes

It has happened to everyone- we had to retire our favorite cardigan, jeans, or skirt because of a stai or wear and tear. Fear not! Many people don’t know is that there are ways to make your favorite pieces last longer.

If only the owner of this Patagonia fleece would have followed the care instructions! They could have avoided all this pilling and wear.

Since the rise of fast fashion, something that people have forgotten is how to mend, repair, and rehabilitate worn out clothing. Here are some quick and easy tips for extending the life of your clothes!

  • Do you know what shouldn’t go in the drier? Heavy knits, delicate vintage pieces, and underwire bras with padded cups should never go in the drier! In the summer, find a sunny spot where they can hang to dry. Don’t know what you should leave out of the drier? Check the label! It often says. This alone can extend the life of your favorite pieces.
  • Some things shouldn’t go in the washing machine either… Delicate vintage and that annoying stuff marked dry clean only really shouldn’t be thrown in the washing machine. You can either bring them to the dry cleaners ($$$) or you can fill up your bathtub and wash them carefully with a gentle soap. (Castile soap works great!)
3This is one of my favorite soaps to use!
  • Embrace the power of baking soda! Baking soda does double duty, not only does it clean and brighten, it also has a slightly coarse texture which is great for helping rub out tough stains. The sooner you tackle a stain, the better! Move quickly if you can, but a bit of elbow grease and baking soda has helped me get pit stains and blemishes out of clothes that have sat for years.
  • Get an embroidery hook. These babies are worth their weight in gold (but to be fair they are very light!). Snagged threads on cozy sweaters can often be looped into the inside of the sweater. Not perfect, but it gets rid of any outer cosmetic damage! You can find a basic one here.
  • Do you have a sweater shaver? Sweaters are famous for pilling, but there is a solution! Wash your garments carefully, and if they are still pilling, check out a sweater shaver. The one we have linked here is great because it’s super portable and doesn’t require a plug in or batteries. Some people prefer an electric shaver, like this one. Conair makes the most popular model.
  • Store it like you love it! Take care when storing your garments and accessories. Some items need to be hung to stay their best, others (like chunky knit sweaters) can loose their shape if hung the wrong way. Avoid crushing leather shoes and bags. They make special fillers for some items to keep their shape, but I just use newspaper stuffing to keep the shape of my favorite leather purses and boots.

My first upcycle video! Up soon on my Depop, Poshmark, and Mercari 💕 Watch me craft my way out of 2020! 🤣#Bye2020 #sewing #upcycle #satisfying

♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre
Not all projects have to be this complicated!
  • Learn the power of a needle and thread! You don’t have to be a seamstress to be able to mend small flaws! Youtube has lots of great videos on basic stitching. A small tear in the hem of your favorite t-shirt shouldn’t hold you back! All you need is a basic sewing kit and the power of the internet.

That’s all for now! It doesn’t need to be hard to rehab your favorite clothes, all it takes is a little learning! Go use your new textile knowledge on your favorite garment!

Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

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The Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making on Poshmark

Do your items sit online with no attention at all? Or perhaps you are getting views and likes on your posts, but you never get sales? Read on friend- there is hope! Poshmark newbies and seasoned sellers alike can fall into these common seller traps! Maximize your closet and get your listings to work for you.

Not every day is a pile of packages!

If you are really new to Poshmark and need the basics, check out my post The Top 10 Tips Every New Poshmark Seller Needs to Know! If you are confident with the basics, read on to see the top 10 mistakes I see other sellers making on Poshmark!

1. Photo backgrounds- I said it before and I’ll say it again- pictures really are worth 1,000 words! your photos are the most important aspect of your listing. Your cover photo is the first impression customers have of your item. So avoid laying out items on your carpet, back of your door, or bed. If you don’t have a professional setup, all you need is a bit of blank wall in your house and a thumb tack to hold your hanger. You don’t need to invest a lot of money into your photo setup.

2. Lighting- A great photo setup can be ruined by poor lighting. Natural light (the sun) is best. I started reselling by taking all my photos outside on the porch!

3. Titles- When buyers look for items, they type keywords into the search bar. In order to get more exposure, use these popular search words in your description. Poshmark gives your 40 characters- use them! Turn “Blue Dress” into “American Eagle Blue Floral Print Mini Dress Small”. Stuck on what to write? Check out my closet @visiblysold to see how I use keywords in my titles and descriptions.

4. Sometimes Quality is Quantity- Poshmark lets you upload 16 photos and one video under 15 seconds. Take photos of different angles, the front, back, and sides of your item. Other helpful pictures include close ups of prints or knits, close up photos of flaws, or close up of any beaded or button detailing. I don’t have any items in my closet with less than 3 photos, and those posts tend to be of cheap items like baby clothes.

5. Description, Description!- Poshmark buyers like descriptions (even though not everyone reads them!). Use the 500 character limit to tell your user about aspects of your item, such as material, age, and brand. Always remember to note any flaws on the item in your description. Turn “cute dress, worn once” to “American Eagle Outfitters size small dress. Blue floral print, fit n’ flare style with circle skirt. Worn once to a wedding, in great condition!”

6. Measurements- I always recommend all sellers take measurements on all adult clothes. Why? First, it gives a good impression to buyers. It looks professional and some buyers use the measurements to estimate fit. Second, it covers your back as a seller. Poshmark does not allow returns for fit, but your customers can open a case over anything for any item. If you get a return request for fit, you can generally win these cases by pointing out you provided approximate measurements in your description. Unless you are measuring in centimeters, I always say approximate so I can round a bit to the nearest 1/4″.

7. Annoying Your Customers- I’ve noticed some random sellers adding an assortment of items to my bundle and leaving a message like “I have so many items you will love in my closet! Come check it out!” Poshmark is a big community, but being pushy and promoting yourself like this is frowned upon in the posh community. Don’t pressure buyers to make a purchase in your bundle, and don’t randomly solicit other poshers. Also, don’t promote your closet or items on another person’s post. This is a great way to get your comments flagged and deleted while annoying other poshers.

8. Not Sending Offers- Offers to likers make sales! I made an offer to likers sale while writing this post! Lots of sales on Poshmark are impulse buys. Don’t wait too long to send out your offers, if someone is actively shopping to make a purchase sometimes waiting can mean they purchase something else. Send a deal they will love!

9. Your Price is Crazy- It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears- your price can’t be too high or too low, it needs to be just right. Before you set your item price, look up similar items and see how other sellers priced them. Want to see what sold? Use Poshmark’s filter feature to view only sold items in that brand, and see how much they have sold for in the past. Set your Goldilocks price that can be bargained down at least 20% for an offer to likers sale.

10. You’re Miserable or Fustrated- Life is too short to be miserable. If your closet is stressing you out, take a step back and figure out what part is bothering you. Resale can be a 24/7 type hustle, and taking breaks is important to avoid burnout. Remember that Poshmark sales are always slow at first, that everyone has down days and sometimes lady luck isn’t on your side. Consistency is key in this business- even if you aren’t making sales, posting more items and updating old listings is a great way to get out of a sales slump.

That’s it for me today! If you are looking for more resale advice, follow this blog and/or find me at @visiblysold on Instagram for more resale advice, humor, and community engagement! Good luck and happy poshing!

Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Why are Vintage Clothes are Having A Moment?

Vintage clothes are a great investment, whether you are getting them for your own closet or to re-sell. With platforms like Depop growing, vintage style is having a huge comeback moment. Not just one vintage style, but ALL of them!

  • Vintage clothes will not and can not be re-made. If they were, they would no longer be vintage! Vintage pieces are rare and every year there are less vintage garments as some are lost to stains, tears, and are dropped into landfill.
  • Quality of work– Vintage clothes are often made to a higher quality standard than today’s fast fashion garments. Many items have hand stitched details and high quality fabrics meant to last.
  • Vintage garments are unique. When you find a vintage item, odds are you won’t find the same garment ever again. When you wear a vintage piece, you are wearing something absolutely unique to you and your personal style.
  • Fashion always comes back in style! High waisted mom jeans, fanny packs, bell bottoms, and sweater vests have all had a chance in the trend spotlight. What goes out is coming back!

So next time you’re at the thrift store, give those

vintage garments and extra look!

Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

The Top 10 Tips Every New Poshmark Seller Needs to Know

Use these tips to create your own package pile!

Poshmark is an app founded in 2011 that focuses on connecting sellers and buyers of used clothes, shoes, accessories, home goods, pet gear! It’s the easiest platform for beginner and causal sellers, and it’s a great way to try reselling your own stuff! Here are the top 10 tips you need to know before selling on Poshmark. By the end of this article you should be ready to hop on the app!

  1. You can start for free! You don’t need to spend money on clothes, insertion fees, or on shipping (see #3) to sell on Poshmark. All you need is a few unworn pieces from your closet and a smartphone to start turning your unused stuff into a direct deposit! Poshmark only takes a fee when your item sells.
  2. You can sell (almost) anything! You can buy and sell a lot of things on Poshmark, but they do have a few no-no’s. Before you sell, check out their website page on the items you can and cannot sell on Poshmark. Some stuff you can’t sell might surprise you, like nail polish or used second hand makeup. Poshmark shipping also only covers items under 5lbs and within a maximum 108″ combined length and girth for the box used . Check out their shipping page to learn more!
  3. Poshmark has the easiest shipping! Poshmark has one shipping option- USPS priority mail. This post service is super fast and a great deal for lots of items. You can use ANY red priority mail or flat-rate USPS box that can be ordered FREE from USPS! You can not use the blue boxes marked priority express. This is great for new sellers or causal sellers because you don’t need to spend a lot of money on shipping supplies. Just get your free box, print out your shipping label, slap it on with some tape and you’re good to go!
  4. Sharing is caring! You can think about Poshmark a bit like a social media app. Each post is an item for sale. Items can be “liked” in order to save them for later, buyers and sellers can use the comment section under each post to communicate, and items can be “shared”. What is sharing? When an item is shared on Poshmark it is bumped to the top of Poshmark’s search results. For example, a vintage dress that was shared will be top in the search results for someone who looks for “vintage dress” in the search bar. The more you share the more likely your item will sell!
  5. Get ready to PARTY! Poshmark is all about creating an experience for it’s users. Several times a day a “party” will occur in a special showroom on the app. These showrooms are themed, and the themes change every party. Some party theme examples include Luxury, Boho, Preppy, and Date Night! Parties are a great way to connect with new Poshers and highlight your items!
  6. Poshmark is a community! Poshmark is all about creating a resale community. Sharing a fellow Posher’s items after they share yours is a great way to start meeting some BPFFs (Best Posh Friends Forever). You can also follow other sellers or leave a positive comment on a post you love. Check out Poshmark’s virtual Posh n’ Coffee events to meet more of the community!
  7. You can earn FREE clothes! The Poshmark Ambassador Program is a cool way for Poshmark to recognize trusted sellers, but it also has some perks that go with the status! You can unlock the ability to “affiliate advertise” for Poshmark, A.K.A make small social media posts advertising Poshmark to earn site credit you can spend on anything! You can check out the link on how to become an ambassador here!
  8. Pictures are worth 1,000 words! When making your first post, remember that your photos are the first thing a potential buyer will see. Make your photos as cute as possible with simple backgrounds will make the item you’re selling pop.
  9. Be Transparent! when you are selling a used item make sure you are being completely honest and all flaws are disclosed. This means things like loose threads, snags on sweaters, holes, stains, or pilling. If the item is not as pictured and described in your listing, your buyer can return the item.
  10. Make a deal! Poshmark sellers can send discounts to their likers. Once you have some love for your item, sending a 20% and shipping discount is a great way to make the sale! Poshmark buyers can also make an offer on your item. Feel free to make a counteroffer and find a price that works for you and the buyer!

Are you ready to Posh? Check out our closet at for closet inspiration and follow our Instagram at @visiblysold for more resale tips! Happy Poshing!

Rosie, Co-Owner Visibly Sold