List Perfectly

List Perfectly is a cross-listing service, this means it’s a tool to help you move a listing on one reselling platform (like Poshmark) to another reselling platform (Like Etsy). I use this tool every day to cross-post at least one item to every active platform I have. The service starts as low as $28 a month, and my subscription paid for itself the same day I bought it! Check them out HERE

Want to get started? Use code VISIBLYSOLD for 30% off your first month.

Hey there!

So, you want to start to resell, or you want to become a reseller, or maybe you already are one. I wish I had a PFF (Posh Friend Forever) that would have given me a list of their MUST-HAVES for reselling. Well, we’re friends now! Check out my reselling must-haves, tips, and tricks below!