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So, you want to start to resell, or you want to become a reseller, or maybe you already are one. I wish I had a PFF (Posh Friend Forever) that would have given me a list of their MUST-HAVES for reselling. Well, we’re friends now! Check out my reselling must-haves, tips, and tricks below!

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List Perfectly

List Perfectly is a cross-listing service, this means it’s a tool to help you move a listing on one reselling platform (like Poshmark) to another reselling platform (Like Etsy). I use this tool every day to cross-post at least one item to every active platform I have. The service starts as low as $28 a month, and my subscription paid for itself the same day I bought it! Check them out HERE

Want to get started? Use code VISIBLYSOLD for 30% off your first month.

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Need help getting started? There is a bit of a learning curve. Visit my Instagram @visiblysold for all sorts of tips and tricks!

Curious about reselling? Beginners and seasoned sellers alike can tube in to Visibly Sold’s YouTube channel for seller tips, sales breakdowns, and more! Click here to join us and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a video!

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