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Sourcing Better Stuff

You can have a high definition camera with a top of the line lighting set up, but no one is going to care if your product doesn’t have a market demand. So, how can you figure out what items are trending? And, the harder job, how do you source better items in YOUR area using YOUR resources? Read on!

Lean how to source better in your own community!

What’s Trending?

You don’t need to have to be a fashion insider to keep up with trending fashion when you have Google! Spend 20 minutes surfing the web. Websites like Vogue, ELLE, or Harper’s Bazaar reliably have quick articles on fashion trend reports. Since people like to mimic designer styles, knowing what is “in” can help you sell pieces with more value (making you more cash)!

What do you Know?

One of the best reseller tips I can give is sell what you know! If you aren’t into high fashion, but you know a lot about hunting gear, then specialize in hunting gear! Knowing your market, the major brands in that market, and their resale values are keys to running a successful business. Spending time on Youtube or reading blogs is a great way to learn more about new seller niches and brands.

What can you Find?

You can know all about Gucci and Prada, but that doesn’t really matter if you can’t source any of it! The items you are able to source often depend greatly on where you live. More affluent areas may have more expensive brands. Areas with older populations may be able to source more vintage items, while areas with lots of schools might find a lot of childrens’ clothes.

Spend some time researching your community, learning about your neighborhood, and visiting local stores and garage sales. Looking at census reports and data about your community can help narrow down the demographics near you. Look for auction houses, storage units, and liquidation companies in your area. These are all great places to start sourcing for deals!

What you can find is a huge impact on what you can sell!

Who do you know?

Tell people what you do! Friends, family members, and even complete strangers might be exactly the person you need to talk to in order to hustle up some great inventory. Networking with other resellers is a great way to learn about new ways to score inventory, as well as other sellers successes and failures with other methods. Chatting up local estate sale companies or thrift store owners is a great way to get the inside scoop on their sales and deals.

Author: Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Thrift addict, cat lover, and sustainability advocate. Get more reseller, thrift, and sustainability content on or on Instagram!

Published September 2021