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5 Mistakes I Made as a Beginner Reseller

One of the biggest things that holds people back from just jumping into something new is the fear of messing up. The wonderful thing about the internet, however, is that it’s great for documenting people’s failures!! Read on to learn about 5 mistakes I made when I began reselling, and how you can avoid them!

Mistake #1: I didn’t Calculate my Shipping!

Calculating shipping is important! If you overestimate how much something weighs, you and your buyer might be overpaying (which could be costing you sales). If you underestimate shipping, you might end up losing money on your items. Paying for EXACTLY the right amount of shipping is what’s best for you and the buyer, even though it costs a bit upfront. Investing in a shipping scale is a great way to make sure you are only paying for what you need.

Mistake #2: I Mixed Up Shipping Labels on 3 Items!

I ended up mixing up three Ebay shipping labels, and I dealt with that mistake for months! It’s easy to get in a rush and forget to double check that the item in the box matches your shipping label. Create a system that works for you to make sure that your labels are always ending up on the correct packages!

Mistake #3: I didn’t Keep my Inventory Organized!

This has bit into my profit more than once. Not only is losing inventory a waste of time and a loss of money, but it’s stressful and frustrating! Avoid yourself the trouble and create an inventory system ASAP! Numbering items and putting them in totes, and recording their location, is one of the only ways I’ve found to make sure that inventory doesn’t grow legs.

Mistake #4: I didn’t Check the Comps!

Just because an item is cheap doesn’t mean that it’s worth selling! This is also true with “BOLO” brands, trending items, and things you’ve sold in the past. Trends in the market change, and just because you might have been able to sell a starbucks mug in 2019 for $200 doesn’t mean you can do it now. Fads, as well as supply and demand, change market prices all the time. Before investing in inventory, try to figure out how much money you can actually make from each piece.

Mistake #5: I didn’t Include Measurements!

There is more than one reason to include measurments!

  1. They can help you win return cases. If a buyer isn’t happy with how an items fits, they will sometimes ask to return the item. Most platforms do not allow fit as a return reason, and by providing item’s measurements you can show that the buyer had the ability to see the exact fit of the garment.
  2. They help make sales. Buying clothes online can be hard fit-wise, and providing measurements gives buyers assurance regarding their purchase.

Those are 5 mistakes I made when I began reselling and how you can avoid them! I hope that this advice gives you some new ideas of ways to improve your reseller business on Poshmark, Ebay, Etsy, Mercari, Depop, Amazon, or other reselling platforms! Interested in learning more about reselling? Join us on Instagram @Visiblysold!

Author: Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Thrift addict, cat lover, and sustainability advocate. Get more reseller, thrift, and sustainability content on or on Instagram!

Published September 2021

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Are You REALLY Making Money at Your Resale Business?

It’s not hard to understand the concept of reselling. You buy something used for less than it’s resale value, list it on an online platform, and sell it for a profit. However, lately I’ve seen a lot of resellers talking about profit rather than sales numbers- which is how it should be! If you sell 15 items, but only make a dollar profit per item, odds are you aren’t really making money. Read on for some great tips on how to measure your profitability. It gets a bit mathy, but stay with me.

The Hidden Costs of Reselling

Most people forget about the “hidden” costs! Some people see reselling as a hobby, and they don’t mind spending hour after hour scouring all the thrift stores in the area on a daily basis. However, the question becomes, how much time do you really spend sourcing?


Trish visits three thrift stores on her day off. She spends 1 hour per thrift store, 1 hour in driving time, and finds 15 items. Each item was $4.99, and expects the sale price on Poshmark to be $35. At the time of sale, Poshmark will take a 20% fee of $7. Trish wants to make a least $15 per hour. Is she achieving her goal?

Trish’s Costs:

  1. Time sourcing (4 Hours)
  2. Gas Money (let’s say 2 gallons of gas used at $3.50 a gallon)
  3. $4.99 per piece COG (Cost of Goods)
  4. Time cleaning, photographing, and listing (1/2 hour per piece with 15 pieces, 7.5 hours)
  5. Cleaning supplies ($0.25 per piece, $3.75)
  6. Poshmark fees (20% anything over $15)
  7. Time spent maintaining listings, packaging, and inventory management (15 min per piece, 3.75 hours)
  8. Packaging supplies ($0.25 per piece, $3.75)

Trish’s Gross Profit (assuming everything sold at full price of $35 a piece):

Total of costs: $423.10

  1. Labor Costs (Trish’s time of 15.25 hours at $15 an hour): $228.75
  2. Gas Costs: $7
  3. COG: 74.85
  4. Poshmark Fees $105
  5. Supplies $7.50

Profit – Costs = $101.90! so, YES, Trish is meeting her goal! To find out her hourly rate, take the gross profit and subtract the gas, COG, poshmark fees, and supplies.

Total Dollar Per Hour: $21.68

Now it’s Your Turn

Try the math for yourself! Need help? Contact us @visiblysold on instagram!

Author: Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Thrift addict, cat lover, and sustainability advocate. Get more reseller, thrift, and sustainability content on or on Instagram!

Published September 2021

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What Sold- A Peek into my Poshmark Sales!

Take a peek into my sales and learn about the last 5 items I sold on Poshmark the week of September 1st, 2021! I made $118 from these sales combined. Not every sale can be a crazy score! See a little snapshot of some of my highs and lows reselling this week!

Sale #1- Adidas T-Shirt

Sale Price: $13 + Reduced Ship

COG: $1.00

Earned: $6.59

Time Sold: 2-3 Months

Sale #2- Floral Scarf

Sale Price: $10 + Ship

COG: Donation

Earned: $7.05

Time Sold: 12-18 Months

Sale #3- Vintage Capitals Jersey

Sale Price: $100 + Ship

COG: Donation

Earned: $80

Time Sold: 24 Hours

Sale #4 HeartSoul Top

Sale Price: $15 + Reduced Ship

COG: $0.50

Earned: $11.50

Time Sold: 6-8 Months

Sale #5- American Eagle Shorts

Sale Price: $17 + Reduced Ship

COG: $0.50

Earned: $13.10

Time Sold: 1-2 Months

This is just a small section of the sales I’ve made this month! Let me know if you found this information interesting! If you want to follow along on my resale journey and learn some tips and tricks, follow us on Instagram at @visiblysold!

Author: Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Thrift addict, cat lover, and sustainability advocate. Get more reseller, thrift, and sustainability content on or on Instagram!

Published September 2021

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Sourcing Better Stuff

You can have a high definition camera with a top of the line lighting set up, but no one is going to care if your product doesn’t have a market demand. So, how can you figure out what items are trending? And, the harder job, how do you source better items in YOUR area using YOUR resources? Read on!

Lean how to source better in your own community!

What’s Trending?

You don’t need to have to be a fashion insider to keep up with trending fashion when you have Google! Spend 20 minutes surfing the web. Websites like Vogue, ELLE, or Harper’s Bazaar reliably have quick articles on fashion trend reports. Since people like to mimic designer styles, knowing what is “in” can help you sell pieces with more value (making you more cash)!

What do you Know?

One of the best reseller tips I can give is sell what you know! If you aren’t into high fashion, but you know a lot about hunting gear, then specialize in hunting gear! Knowing your market, the major brands in that market, and their resale values are keys to running a successful business. Spending time on Youtube or reading blogs is a great way to learn more about new seller niches and brands.

What can you Find?

You can know all about Gucci and Prada, but that doesn’t really matter if you can’t source any of it! The items you are able to source often depend greatly on where you live. More affluent areas may have more expensive brands. Areas with older populations may be able to source more vintage items, while areas with lots of schools might find a lot of childrens’ clothes.

Spend some time researching your community, learning about your neighborhood, and visiting local stores and garage sales. Looking at census reports and data about your community can help narrow down the demographics near you. Look for auction houses, storage units, and liquidation companies in your area. These are all great places to start sourcing for deals!

What you can find is a huge impact on what you can sell!

Who do you know?

Tell people what you do! Friends, family members, and even complete strangers might be exactly the person you need to talk to in order to hustle up some great inventory. Networking with other resellers is a great way to learn about new ways to score inventory, as well as other sellers successes and failures with other methods. Chatting up local estate sale companies or thrift store owners is a great way to get the inside scoop on their sales and deals.

Author: Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Thrift addict, cat lover, and sustainability advocate. Get more reseller, thrift, and sustainability content on or on Instagram!

Published September 2021

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The Reseller Secret They Aren’t Telling You

I’m about to let you in on a secret. 99% of the most “successful” resellers on Ebay, Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, and Depop don’t just sell on one of these platforms alone. Most full time resellers cross-list, that is, list the same item on multiple platforms to increase its chance of selling. In this article, I’m going to bust some myths about crossposting and how you can level up your business.

You can use the code VISIBLYSOLD at ListPerfectly to get 30% off your first month of cross-listing software! The lowest plan starts at under $30 a month! Transparency note: I am a List Perfectly ambassador, so using my code will support this site and allow me to create more reseller content!

  • Myth #1: It takes too much time! If you were copying and pasting each photo, description, and data point about your items from platform to platform it would not be worth your time (the more time you spend on each item means your labor cost on that piece gets higher and higher). But look at the math:

Pro Tip: How do I find out how long it takes me per task? Set up your phone to time you while you complete different tasks, such as listing or taking photos. Taking a variety of times and then averaging them is the best way to get a wholistic picture of how long you usually take to do each task. Don’t forget to track even the fun stuff, like how long it takes you to source your items, and travel time! This time adds labor to all of your items.

Let’s say it takes me 1/2 hour to source and process a vintage dress. I also decide to quadruple my chances of selling the item, and cross-post from Etsy, Depop, Ebay, and Mercari.

It takes me approximately 7 minutes to crosslist each item, depending on the platform. This can vary depending on what type of cross-listing service you use, and what level of subscription selected.

Pro Tip: To make your calculations more accurate, other items included in calculations could be gas or transportation costs, costs of cleaning supplies, the average cost per item of your cross-posting service (which often varies depending on how many pieces you post per month), and any other expenses that might apply to your situation. I used only a few factors in my example for simplicity’s sake.

  • Myth #2: I have to be a professional reseller to afford tools like that! I mean, what is a professional anyway? Any seller, no matter how many listings, can benefit from getting more exposure on their items! More Eyes = More Potential Buyers! ListPerfectly has subscriptions for small and large resellers, starting at under $30 a month!
  • Myth #3: If my items have been sitting for a while, it means my inventory is stale. Does this sound familiar? “My items have been sitting on Poshmark (or another platform) forever, nobody must want them.” Don’t give up yet! Just because your items are sitting doesn’t mean your inventory is stale. Sometimes when items are posted, they just don’t reach the right buyers. This can happen for a variety of reasons, like poor timing or items getting de-prioritized by the algorithms. Whenever that happens, I use a cross-listing service, like ListPerfectly, to re-post my items to Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and more.
  • Myth #4: It’s hard to manage my inventory! Ok, this one can be kind of true. You need to track where you post items to avoid double selling! Double selling is when you sell the same item on multiple platforms. It’s a bummer because that means you have to cancel a sale! This can really count against you on some selling platforms, like Ebay or Etsy. However, ListPerfectly’s product management included with the business plan will automatically delete items on other platforms one you mark them as sold! This has made managing my inventory across platforms a breeze.
  • Myth #5: It’s hard to manage multiple platforms. This, like #4, can be true. However, you can avoid getting overwhelmed by implementing one platform at a time. Start with a main platform that you’ve had luck with in the past and call it your “master account.” Post all new posts to that platform FIRST, and crosspost from that platform. This helps me from getting confused! Working with one new platform at a time can reduce mistakes and give you time to adjust to each market’s needs.

What questions do you still have about cross-listing? Let me know by leaving me a message or reaching out to join the conversation on Instagram (@visiblysold), TikTok (@visiblysold), or Facebook! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Author: Rosie Zbaracki, Co-Owner Visibly Sold

Thrift addict, cat lover, and sustainability advocate. Get more reseller, thrift, and sustainability content on or on Instagram!

Published August 2021